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Nosotros Football Sunday

By September 16, 2021September 20th, 2021No Comments

A how-to on throwing an epic tequila tailgate party - Food and Drink Recipes!

Written by Tom Sullivan | September 16th, 2021
Football season is upon us once again – which means our Sundays are officially booked until February.

For most of us, “booked” means butt planted on the couch, watching seven hours of commercial-free football with Scott Hanson. For the lucky ones, it means a morning of tailgating, an afternoon of pure bliss, and an evening of riding shotgun while your sober buddy navigates the gridlocked parking lot. For the unlucky ones, it means checking your fantasy app every thirty second from that hayride with your niece and nephew.

Whether you’re in the parking lot or the living room, it’s important for you and all your rowdy friends to stay well-fed and watered. If you’re sick of the usual fifteen Bud Lights and a bag of potato chips, we have just the thing: A how-to on throwing an epic tequila tailgate party.

To drink:

Just like football teams, not all Margaritas are of equal quality. Your mood on Sunday evening will depend largely on whether you live in Kansas City or Jacksonville. But your mood on Monday morning will depend on the quality of your beverage the day before.

You might be tempted to throw a bunch of bottom shelf ingredients into a cooler and call it a day. After all, this is a football Sunday. Your friends show up with 30 racks of Coors on their shoulders, not 6 packs of Pliny the Elder. Just remember, if you skimp out on ingredients now, in the morning, everyone at your tailgate is going to wake up feeling like they just got hit by a 300 pound defensive end. Do the right thing.

Our recipe is perfect for tailgating: Instead of a cooler full of uninspired beverages, try dispenser jugs full of our delicious Nosotros Margarita.

2 qt Nosotros Blanco

1qt Organic Lime Juice

3 Cups of Water

1 Cup Agave Syrup

If you’re feeling extra bold, you can make it a Spicy Margarita by adding 3 jalapeño slices to the served glass of margarita.

To eat:

One thing we can all agree on: No Football Sunday is complete without wings. This is where your party truly rises to the next level. Right now, everything’s going smoothly. People are loving the Margaritas. Robby’s ten team parlay has been busted in one game. Life is good.

But wait… people are getting hungry. The chips and guac are running low. There’s talk of ordering from Wingstop. But delivery is backed up by two hours…

You step in with the perfect solution: Homemade wings with sauces infused with Nosotros Tequila. We recommend going 50/50 between our Smoky Buffalo Mezcal wings, and our Blanco Lemon Pepper wings. Even the most dedicated soldiers of the buffalo vs barbecue debate will agree that these wings are absolutely fire.

Smoky Buffalo Mezcal Wings:

⁃1/4 cup butter

⁃1 1/2 cup Frank’s hot sauce

⁃2 Tbl white vinegar

⁃1/2 cup Nosotros Mezcal

Combine ingredients & bring to a simmer

Simmer for 5-8 minutes

⁃Green onion to garnish

Blanco Lemon Pepper Wings:

⁃1/2 cup butter

⁃1/2 cup Nosotoros Blanco

⁃1/2 Lemon juice

Combine ingredients & bring to a simmer

Simmer for 5-8 minute

⁃Sprinkle parm cheese over wings while cooling

⁃Green onion to garnish

Like our tequila, football is meant to be shared. Toma con Nosotros.