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How to: Make the Most of Your Quarantine Space

By March 27, 2020October 20th, 2020No Comments
“When we intentionally create space in our lives, we can intentionally decide what to fill it with.”

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Spending all of this time isolated and indoors has allowed us to reimagine our literal and figurative spaces and the way we fill them. While there is a plethora of quick quarantine tips circulating these days, we wanted to deliver you something a bit more involved, a thoughtful entry that acts to set perspective and empower you to create actionables.

That being said, we encourage you to approach the possibilities for these times as limitless, no matter how defined your physical space seems. Here is our take on a few ways you can make the most of “quaran-time” using just the space you have available at home.

That Big Space in Your Time

Time is at the forefront of countless quarantine conversations, particularly what to do with all of it now that we’re stuck inside. We’re so accustomed to filling time with our plans, responsibilities, and social tasks, all of which have become massively reduced in our communities at large. This means that many of us are now essentially mandated to stay occupied with a more limited list of permissible activities than we’re used to.

For some, less things to do means less stress, for others, it means more boredom. But with the right attitude and plan of action, our new (temporary) reality can simply allow for more intent in the things we choose to spend our time on.

  1. Make a List – Without office days and social outings it can seem like there’s nothing left to do (except to become one with your couch), but caving into Netflix every morning, afternoon, and evening can take its toll on your body, your emotional wellbeing, and your brain cells. It also is truly only one of dozens of things you could possibly fill your time with at home. What about that closet you’ve been meaning to turn into a podcast studio or the cookbook you wanted to try out when you finally had some “free time”? Well, now’s your time to shine! Start writing things down you always wanted to do, but could never find the time for. Then prioritize them, notate how long each would take, and start doing! Refer back and amend as much as you’d like.
  2. Take It Slow – While we think it’s a good idea to tackle a list in quarantine to keep from going stir crazy, we don’t recommend reverting to old habits of a “go-go-go” lifestyle without consideration of how or why you’ve decided something is worth your time. Once you’ve made your list, take your time with it. You might notice a newfound appreciation for savoring moments, feel more creative, and find improvements for your everyday approach that are extracted from this situation once you get kicked back into real life.
  3. Detach from Time – We’ve noticed a lot of people counting the days, hours, even minutes spent in quarantine and giving their best effort to determine when the light at the end of this tunnel will finally peek through. Although it’s important to stay informed, one sure fire way to leave value on the table that you could be getting out of this time, is to distract yourself with the past and future more than you remain in the present. In the words of our Instagram caption the other day: “We don’t know what the future holds, we never have, we only know of this moment and since we’re here, we’ve decided we’ll enjoy it.”

Keep Personal Space Personal

Personal space is typically described as the space immediately surrounding someone, the one in which encroachment brings unease. We all know that that distance is particularly vital now while we work as a community to flatten the curve, but we’re thinking of personal space in other terms too – as a physical place you can escape to where you have room to do or be anything that fulfills you. This is a space for you to feel free and feel yourself. It’s important to think about the way you align with your personal space, now more than ever, because during quarantine, where you reside is the same place everything else happens, too.

  1. Relax – Your bedroom is often a place of relaxation association and it’s a great starting point to create the calm personal space that will bring out the best in you. We recommend keeping this room intent for rest, to start and end your day, as somewhere you can let go of stresses without work and to-do’s. If you don’t have the luxury of separating your responsibilities from your bedroom, find somewhere, anywhere you can reserve to relax. The more you mentally and physically create a space to relax in, the better you can unwind on-demand when anxiety or stress hit during uncertain times.
  2. Reset – “If it ain’t broke, break it!”
    You may wonder why you should reset your personal space if it has worked for you all this time. Well, the essence is that a blank canvas leaves the most room for a masterpiece, and during quarantine you’ll need all the creativity you can muster.
    Plato said, “The beginning is the most important part of the work.” If you only work with what you have, how can you really create the best of what it could become?
    A few ways to put this into practice include purging your closet, removing all your furniture from the room, or doing a deep clean and organization session to look at what you have with new eyes.
  3. Reimagine – With a place to relax and a space that’s been reset, your mind will likely be free of the clutter of everyday life and the dullness of familiar routine. Pull a play out of our “time tips” from earlier and take a chance to revisit that list without hurry. You’ll probably take a second look at some things and even have a few original ideas.

Optimize Your Workspace

Although it feels like the world has come to a complete halt, working life is still very real and for many, doing it from home is quite jarring. Some of the best professionals struggle with energy levels, motivation, and ultimately production when taken out of their environments. Here’s what you can do to combat the pitfalls of quitting your office cold turkey during quarantine.

  1. Find Your Corner – Just like your personal space, it’s best to have a place in your house that is separate and intently reserved for working. Whether it’s an actual home office or just a makeshift one, pick somewhere with light, a table top, and a bit of elbow room.
  2. Create Cues – Offices are curated for productivity and creativity, so it’s important to fill your workspace with cues that have the same effect at home. We encourage you to find your style – add some artwork, a wall calendar, an idea board, and your favorite brain food or drink nearby.
  3. Keep Collaborating – It’s far too easy to get sucked into solo projects and roll with the lonely punches of your new isolated environment, but without teamwork, your visions may have the tendency to narrow in on themselves. Lean on your team in this time and set up regular calls, Zoom conferences, and Slack chats to keep synergies high. Now could even be the time to give that 30-day trial for a new team project management software a whirl!

Find Some Headspace

Having physical restrictions in quarantine can quickly cause our mental capacity to feel suffocated, too. It’s vital that we implement methods that curb inner tensions so that we can minimize anxiety and maximize mood.

  1. Get Moving – Everyone knows about the physical health benefits of staying active, but what about the mental payoff? Exercise is proven to reduce stress, boost endorphins, improve self-confidence, prevent cognitive decline, alleviate anxiety, sharpen memory, and increase relaxation post-workout. If you’re lost without your gym membership, look to social media – you’ll be overwhelmed with the amount of at-home workouts available at the touch of a button. Pro Tip: Use Nosotros bottles instead of free weights if you’re lacking in the home gym department.
  2. Visualize – Visualization is a powerful technique that allows us to paint pictures in our minds other than the one we see right in front of us. This is an invaluable skill that you can develop during quarantine to help your mind escape confinement, if you need, and can also aid you to envision your goals, future, and good things ahead.
  3. Socialize – The term “social distancing” has been floating around since the start of this all, but as a very social team, we prefer the phrase physically-distant, socially connected. We’ve found there are countless ways to socialize during quarantine. Here is our running list:
  • Call or Facetime a loved one
  • Set up virtual happy hours on Instagram Live – get Nosotros recipes here
  • Choose a movie and use Netflix Party to watch together
  • Have game night with your roommates or virtually with friends through House Party
  • Create a Facebook support group
  • Foster a dog
  • Send a care package – don’t forget to include a bottle of the best!

We hope that this helped in some way to inspire you to make the most of this crazy time. Remember, we are all in this together, navigating uncharted territory with you all by our side. Stay safe, stay healthy, and #tomaconnosotros.

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