Happy World Water Day! This day carries an important meaning within the Nosotros family as water is key to everything we love. From our oceans, to the daily dose of clean drinking water, to our tequila. It's the key to life.

Unfortunately, not everyone in this world has the same access to clean drinking water as we do. We are determined to help fix this.

Through our partnership with Waves for Water, lead by the amazing photographer and humanitarian Ethan Lovell, we helped conduct the project for the Achuar community. 

The Amazon is home to an ancient people called the Achuar. The Achuar territory is vast and extends well past the borders of Peru. For many years their existence has been on the brink of extinction due to corporate extraction of the territory’s natural resources.

On Waves For Water's most recent trip to the territory the people of the Achuar traveled to attend a trival meeting via small aircraft or walked through the forest with their families for several days. The meeting had an attendance of 500 community members. They discussed the elections of community leaders and ways to better their current circumstances. One of their main issues is access to potable water.

The aim is to conserve the way of life and empower the indigenous communities of the Amazon. We have developed a large network accessing many of the Amazons remote indigenous tribes.

The Achuar are at high risk due to access to clean drinking water. Many of the logging and oil companies have added to deforestation leading to many health issues for the indigenous of the region. In order to protect the Achuar whose culture serves as guardians of the Amazon rainforest the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet. The Achuar have a large child death rate related to access to clean drinking water. Most of the indigenous families in the region drink from the rivers. The rivers are a source of life in the forest and are being compromised due to deforestation and oil drilling. Many of the Achuar are getting sick due to parasites that have been introduced into their drinking water as well.

In this first trip, many water filters were set in place along with educational sessions, but it is not over yet. Having access to potable water is a necessity in improving the lives of the Achuar people. It is imperative to have access to purified water for hygiene during childbirth.

Today, during World Water Day, go to and donate to this amazing cause.

Happy World Water Day!