The Harvest:
We use a 50/50 blend of sweet highland and peppery lowland agaves, from the farms of Potrero Negro and Santa Teresa, respectively. The Jimadores remove the agave leaves, exposing the heart of the plant – the piña. Approximately seven kilograms of piñas are required to produce one liter of Nosotros Tequila.

The Cooking:
Our agaves sit in a brick oven for 60 hours, slow cooking. This process softens the piña, making sugar extraction easier during milling.

The Milling:
After cooking, the agave pieces are transported to a milling area for sugar extraction. Here the cooked piñas are crushed in order to release juice that eventually becomes our final product.

The Fermenting:
The extracted juice is fermented with imported German yeast within large stainless-steel tanks. This natural process for the sugars to transform into alcohol takes 72 hours.

The Distillation:
The ferments are then separated by heat and stem in steel stills. We distill twice – first as a smashing process and second as a cleaning process. During this step, the alcohol level reaches roughly 60% and by reverse osmosis, the level is brought down to a more modest 40%.

The Aging:
Blanco is unaged and therefore, finished and bottled following distillation. To make our Reposado, our Blanco is transferred into French Oak barrels where it sits for 11 months. After being aged, the juice is removed from the barrels and bottled as our Reposado.