Our Mezcal

Intentional Duality.

We thrive in the and of the journey, rather than the or. Our story, our lifestyle, and our distinctive agave harvests serve as emblems of that.

With this, we bring you Nosotros Mezcal – as different and delicious as its predecessors – a joven made with a precise blend of Espadín and Tobalá.

Taste Profile

Espadín is the staple of tradition in our artisanal, yet inventive process. We fuse this familiar friend with Tobalá, the “king of agaves”, which is known to be vibrant and delicate with earthy and sweet characteristics.

Our blend of magueys (agaves) creates a balance of apricot and citrus, surrounded by an earthy campfire finish – impeccably sip ready.

Our Mezcalero

This is Alberto Ortiz. He’s known for keeping his distillery meticulously clean and producing complex mezcals.

Also known as, “Don Beto”.

Making Mezcal


Nosotros Mezcal is made of 60% Espadin and 40% Tobala maguey. These are sourced from the “Sierra Sur” of Oaxaca.


The magueys are cooked in a concave rock oven dug on the floor. The rocks used are river rock as they are able to withstand the temperature of 800-1000 degrees Celsius. The top of the oven is covered with wet maguey “bagazo” which helps distribute the temperature throughout the oven. The magueys are cooked for a little more than 3 days (~85 hours).


The cooked agave is milled with a traditional Tahona (rock mill).


Fermentation happens in pine wood tubs. No yeast is used, therefore the process is longer, amounting to 8 to 10 days depending on the time of the year as temperature affects it.


Post fermentation, the alcohol juice is taken to distillation. Nosotros Mezcal uses alembic (copper still) distillation. It is distilled two times.


Each bottle gets filled and hand labeled one by one.

Product Specifications

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