Our process, our juice

What makes Nosotros tequila special is that we are a 50/50 blend of agaves from the highlands, and lowlands in Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico. The agaves from the lowlands are sweet, while the agaves from the highlands are peppery and earthy.

Our harvester (Jimador) removes the leaves of the agave, until exposing the heart, which is called a piña. Approximately, 7 kilos of agave piñas are required to produce one liter of Nosotros Tequila. The two main farms where we harvest our agaves are Los Guajes/Potrero Negro (Los Altos) and Santa Teresa (Los Bajos)

Next, the agaves sit in a brick oven for 60 hours slow cooking. This softens the piña, making the process of sugar extraction easier.

After cooking, the agave pieces are transported to a milling area for sugar extraction. The cooked piñas are crushed to release the juice that will be fermented.

During the fermentation process the sugars are transformed into alcohol within large stainless steel tanks. Nosotros' yeast is imported from Germany. This natural fermentation process takes 72 hours.

The last step is the distillation, where ferments are separated by heat and steam within steel stills. Nosotros goes through alembic distillation, twice; the first distillation works as a smashing process, the second as a cleaning process.

After distillation, Nosotros Blanco is bottled. The same Blanco gets put into French oak barrels where it rests for 11 months. Thereafter, the Reposado is bottled.


Taste Profiles:

Our Nosotros Blanco

Hint of orange and cooked agave, identified by a citrus start, followed by an earthy tangerine note.

Winner of the 2017 San Francisco World Spirit Competition, Double Gold and Best Tequila


Our Nosotros Reposado

Identified by a vanilla aroma, finished by a balanced honey-cinnamon twist. Aged for 11 months in french oak barrels.