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Nosotros Apparel: The “Details”

By August 20, 2019October 20th, 2020No Comments
Nosotros charcoal grey t-shirt


We’re beyond excited to have launched our new Nosotros apparel last Friday. Our California-inspired line of T-shirts and hoodies was designed with our values in mind. As a result, every garment sports 3 visual details of what we strive and stand for, serving as the foundation for each design concept.

Detail #1: Our Definition
NOSOTROS: PRONOUN; “US” / “WE”, INCLUSIVE COLLECTIVE STATE, USED TO DETERMINE A GROUP, COMMUNITY, OR IDENTITY. Back-printing the meaning of Nosotros on each piece serves as the backbone of our dedication to make an impact and leave people better than we found them, with the knowledge that it always starts with us.

Detail #2: Woven Logo
We wanted our line of apparel to live up to the same standards that we hold for everything else we make here at Nosotros. So, we weaved the Nosotros logo into each piece as the original mark of our premium craft – tequila. This ensures that each item is something we’re proud of and have deemed worthy of our signature.

Detail 3: Toucan Stitching
Native to the Neotropics, the toucan brings us back to our Founder’s Costa Rican origin and serves as a reminder of the Pura Vida approach to life. The outline of California hidden within the bird represents the state that we’ve proudly called our home since inception. The entire image ties our roots to where we are today and invokes the same spirit of duality that we honor in everything we do.

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