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2020 Do-Over

Chuggable. When you’re in the mood for slamming margaritas with your people on a summer day, but it’s March and you’re in quarantine.
Course Drinks


  • 2 oz Nosotros Tequila Blanco or Reposado
  • 1.5 oz Green Apple Shrub* See notes for recipe
  • .75 oz orange liqueur
  • .75 oz lemon


  • Shake with ice
  • Served up in a coupe
  • Garnish with pinch of cinnamon and a green apple slice


*Green apple shrub
1 cup green apples cubed
1 cup sugar
2/3 cup apple cider vinegar
Combine ingredients
Muddle apples and stir in sugar
Let sit 24 hours before straining out solids
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