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Our Story | Nosotros Toucan | Our Values | Our Process


where we come from

Started by Carlos Soto and Michael Arbanas and in the market by 2017, the idea of Nosotros was catalyzed by a college assignment, born from a passion for tequila. Our first expression, an unaged Blanco, put us on the map when it ultimately yielded “Best Tequila” at the world’s most respected spirits competition amongst many of the industry’s well-known brands. 

We took our newfound credibility and funneled it into the craft-conscious California market. Originally without contacts in the liquor or dining industries, we’ve grown from a self-distributed underdog in uncharted territory to a climbing competitor on the ranks of cocktail menus and premium spirits lists in several states across the country. 

the nosotros


The Nosotros Toucan represents our Costa Rican and Mexican roots and spirit, with a special hint of California found in its wing.

Simply designed yet rich with the power of storytelling, the Nosotros Toucan encompasses who we are and the stories that we have to tell.

Our values

100% recycled glass

Our pivotal sustainability move entails bottling products solely in 100% recycled glass, despite higher costs, reflecting our commitment to environmental preservation; this not only eliminates millions of pounds of glass waste but also reduces CO2 emissions, air pollution, and conserves resources, aligning with our ongoing efforts to improve all packaging for a healthier planet..


We are committed to empowering the women in our community. Our distillery, Destiladora Del Valle, located in Tequila, Mexico, is female-owned and operated, which is something we take pride in each and every day.  As our brand continues to grow, we are seeking more opportunities to highlight women in our community who are making an impact and sparking change.


For the past three years we've partnered with the Toucan Rescue Ranch in Costa Rica to donate a percentage of proceeds during World Wildlife Day and raise awareness about the work that they are doing to rehabilitate wildlife. We made this partnership decision surrounding World Wildlife Day.


In order to practice sustainable farming, we only harvest mature agaves when producing our tequila and mezcal. Our 50/50 Highland and Lowland blend agave allows for regeneration of the agave crops so that the plant can continue to reproduce and thrive in its native land. Our 50/50 agave blend also allows us to practice crop rotation, the intentional planting of crops in different areas of the field in different seasons. Some of the benefits of crop rotation include increasing soil fertility, nutrition, and structure, reducing pollution, increasing crop yield, reducing soil erosion, and limiting pests and diseases invading the crops.