Our Story

We are a small-batch agave spirits brand that marries the pura vida lifestyle of Costa Rica with the rebel spirit of Mexico, blending them under the California sun. The name “Nosotros” (us/we in English) is derived from the experience of enjoying the better things in life with family, friends and loved ones.

Our “World’s Best-Tasting Tequila” and Double Gold award-winning spirit is the result of blending agave from two separate regions to create a taste profile that is unique, balanced and delicious. Sustainably sourced highland agaves give Nosotros its sweet, citrusy introduction, while lowland agaves bring an herbal finish — truly one of a kind.


Where we come from

Started by Carlos Soto and Michael Arbanas and in the market by 2017, the idea of Nosotros was catalyzed by a college assignment, born from a passion for tequila. Our first expression, an unaged blanco, put us on the map when it ultimately yielded “Best Tequila” at the world’s most respected spirits competition amongst many of the industry’s well-known brands.

We took our newfound credibility and funneled it into the craft-conscious California market. Originally without contacts in the liquor or dining industries, we’ve grown from a self-distributed underdog in uncharted territory to a climbing competitor on the ranks of cocktail menus and premium spirits lists across our home state. Today, we remain both independent and self-distributed with a team of 10 and more than 700 partners.

Where we're going


To create premium-quality agave spirits that bring people together to celebrate authentic moments and drive toward a common good.


A bottle of Nosotros at the ready for any occasion, from quiet, simple moments shared between a couple of friends to celebrations marking the more notable moments in life.


To inspire people to slow down, appreciate authentic experiences and value quality over quantity.

How we'll get there


Authentic craft and premium qualities are at the root of everything we do, because quality over quantity never made more sense than while enjoying tequila.


Intentional duality celebrates that living well is just as important as living long. Our story, our lifestyle, and even our 50/50 agave harvest, serve as emblems of that.

Pura Vida

Live by the rules of the Costa Rican lifestyle — a peaceful, simple and uncluttered life, with a deep appreciation for nature, friendship and family; a real living that reflects happiness, gratitude, and satisfaction towards the daily experiences.


Consider our grassroots impact and leave people better than we found them, one encounter at a time.

Our Products